APA Oxy Blade™

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Introducing the APA Oxy Blade™

– The APA Oxy Blade™ facilitates intubation by delivering 15L/min of oxygen directly to the upper airway, enhancing apnoeic oxygenation and extending the time it takes for a patient to desaturate.1

– The APA Oxy Blade™ range consist of a 4 metre long oxygen tubing and is used to assist routine endotracheal intubation in a similar manner to a standard MAC or MIL laryngoscope when additional apnoeic oxygenation is clinically advantageous

– The APA Oxy Blade™ range is a versatile product which can be used in many areas:

  • Theatre/Operating Room1
  • Emergency Department1
  • Intensive Care Units1
  • Level 1 hospital wards1
  • Pre-Hospital setting1


  1. Newby D. et al. IARS conference, Apr 2017