APA™ IP Shield

We have you covered!


APA™ IP Shield

A disposable cover designed to be used with the APA™ as a Video Laryngoscope (VL)
or Direct Laryngoscope (DL) for additional protection against the risk of contamination.

When you need that extra level of protection or know of a requirement for a quick turnaround then the APA™ IP Shield can help.

The APA™ IP Shield VL or DL covers the entire device providing a clear barrier between user, patient and laryngoscope.

After the procedure, remove the APA™ IP Shield from the device followed by the used blade. Dispose them in accordance with your standard local hospital protocol.  Thereafter, clean and disinfect the APA™ before the next use.

Made from Polyethylene vinyl acetate, a safe, PVC-free, non-chlorinated material which is odourless.